The Small Group EMDR Training - June 6-8, July 11-13

  • EMDRIA Approved
  • Consultation Included
  • 40 CEs
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Course overview
EMDR training conducted in a small group setting, focusing on individualized instruction, direct trainer contact, and guided experiential learning. We will discuss the foundational model EMDR is built upon, learn the skills necessary to prepare a client for EMDR, and engage in live practicum to enhance the application of these skills.

This is a virtual training and will be conducted from 9am-5pm CDT each day.

This course meets the requirements set for by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) and is conducted by an EMDRIA Trainer. Upon completion of this training, individuals will be considered EMDR trained and may advertise themselves as such.

Course Lessons

What's included?

  • 20 Hours Didactic Instruction
  • 20 Hours Supervised Practicum
  • 10 Hours of Consultation
  • Detailed Manual and Handouts

 Small Groups

The small group format allows me to work closely with trainees, ensuring greater understanding and comfort with the material. This will enable trainees to be more comfortable utilizing EMDR therapy with their clients. 


This format also allows us to more deeply discuss and address specific issues and clinical presentations unique to the attendees. You will spend more time in this format learning in your desired areas. 
Meet the instructor

Jett Cutter Roberts, LPC-Supervisor

Jett Cutter Roberts is a professional counselor and expert in the treatment of trauma and trauma related conditions. In addition to practicing clinical work for the past eleven years, Cutter has managed a practice of clinicians specializing in the treatment of trauma and other mental health conditions. Cutter also oversaw the successful development and implementation of an intensive EMDR protocol. He is an EMDRIA Certified Consultant and Trainer offering basic and advanced trainings in EMDR and other trauma-related topics.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

What is included in this course?

This course includes all the components required by the EMDR International Assocation (EMDRIA). Learners will receive 40 hours of direct instruction - 20 in didactic lecture and 20 in supervised practicum. This is delivered across two separate three-day trainings. Following completion of these 40 hours, learners will then receive 10 hours in group consultation for follow-up instruction once they have had an opportunity to utilize EMDR.

In addition to the course, learners are required to obtain 3rd Edition of "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy" By Francine Shapiro. 

Are any other hours or trainings needed to be considered EMDR-Trained?

No, successful completion of this course enables the learned to identify themselves as EMDR-Trained.

What is your refund policy?

After purchase, the following refund schedule will be offered:

Greater than 14 Days Notice: Full refund less $125 administrative fee

7-13 Days Notice: Full refund less $250 administrative fee

7-2 Days' Notice: 50% Refund

Less than 2 Days' Notice: No Refund

We understand that circumstances do require rescheduling and changes to our plans. Aurora will typically offer credits in leu of a refund to attend a future training. 

What is the difference between being EMDR-Trained and EMDR-Certified?

EMDR-Trained is the designation used to indicate successful completion of the 50 hour EMDR basic training program (such as the one offered here). 

EMDR-Certified is a designation recognizing the additional training, consultation, and experience of an EMDR clinician. In addition to completion of the EMDR Basic Training, EMDR-Certified clinicians will have completed additional training in EMDR related topics and have undergone supervision with an approved consultant. Aurora offers both programs allowing individuals to become EMDR-Trained and Certified.

For more information about the benefits of EMDR Certification, please visit the EMDRIA's page on certification.
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