What the F*ck: The Ethics of Language in Diagnosis, Trauma

June 20& 21, 2024; 9am-12pm Each Day
Virtual Training - 6 CEUs (3 Ethics)

How we talk about trauma with our clients is essential and an often-overlooked aspect of trauma treatment. Join me for a critical look at the language we use when diagnosing and conceptualizing trauma and how addressing language can be a powerful aspect of client care.

This training will address issues of language found in our diagnostic systems as well as within our clinical orientations (DBT, ACT). We will also address the ethical implications of language in diagnosis, case conceptualization, and clinical intervention. As such, 3 Ethics CEUs will be offered.

What you can expect

Language of Diagnosis

Distinguishing between varying presentations can be challenging for seasoned clinicians - made all the more complicated when our language is unclear. confusing, andeven misleading.

 It's time to turn this world salad into something more palatable. 

Our Fusion to Language

 The language we use comes with it's own connotations, implications, and frames. Our best efforts to describe our experience can often be counterproductive, causing clients to fuse to narratives of unintended consequence.

Learn techniques and approaches to circumvent this fusion to language. 

A Matter of Respect

Our clinical language has implications beyond sessions and documentation. The way we discuss and frame clients and conditions will have implications for how we view and address them - for better or worse. 

Take a critical look at the language we use as professionals and how those impact our work.

Course contents


Jett Cutter Roberts, MA, LPC-Supervisor

Cutter Roberts is a professional counselor and expert in the treatment of trauma and trauma related conditions. In addition to practicing clinical work for the past 11 years, Cutter has managed a practice of clinicians specializing in the treatment of trauma and other mental health conditions. Cutter also oversaw the successful development and implementation of an intensive EMDR protocol. He is an EMDRIA Certified Consultant and approved continuing education provider. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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